HasinaPhysio During COVID-19

Hasina works fulltime in the NHS and very quickly stopped the HasinaPhysio face-to-face classes to reduce viral load.

To keep her regular HasinaPhysio clients (and their loved ones) healthy and out of hospital, she started providing free exercise videos and self care tips for the new way of living. This grew to what we later knew to be the popular 52 DAY HasinaPhysio Covid-19 Health Challenge; groups of people encouraging each other, competing with the challenges and shared their own self care and exercise achievements and tips.

To access these videos and self care tips for free, contact us.

She immediately volunteered to be redeployed to work frontline NHS where she worked tirelessly in the chaos with a dedicated team who together saved people’s lives and improved the quality of life of patients whilst they were unable to have visitors.

Despite dealing with many awful, distressing and tragic situations, this only made Hasina more passionate about sharing her knowledge to help the people around her optimise their physical and mental health over this pandemic. She restarted her old classes, but transferring them to Zoom. See the most recent timetable here.

As it became evident that people from BME populations were more at risk of suffering from COVID-19 (due to occupation, pre-existing health conditions and health education) Hasina sought out opportunities to share her expertise to help this community. She was able to collaborate with an Indian (Gujarati) charity, Leva Patidar Samaj of London, to deliver Exercise and Wellbeing zoom sessions to share how we can optimise health over the next stages of living with Covid-19. This event was open to all ethnicities and reached over 100 people of all physical abilities. To see photos of the fun, click here.

Lockdown 2.0 brought a very successful collaboration of six health professionals in the countdown to Christmas. They supported eachother sharing skills and motivation, which carried the client group through a difficult period with varied exercise sessions and self-care tips. See more here.

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