Physiotherapists are specialists in analysing a dysfunction of the body (neuromusculoskeletal and cognitive-behavioural systems) and are consulted in a patient’s care when the body is unable to heal itself well enough and when tailored rehabilitation is required (The Physiotherapy you may know).

Hasina believes that if people were to be able to access Physiotherapy advice earlier, they could prevent injuries, limit the impact an injury or health condition can have on both physical and mental health. She has taken to spreading her 10 years of Physiotherapy and health expertise in every way possible; sneaking it into her Pilates and rehab exercise classes, webinars, talks, support sessions with health enthusiasts/trainers to name a few.

Hasina’s passion to address health inequalities helped take care of our loved ones at home in a time they have really needed it, in those challenging covid lockdowns, and has reached the most marginalised groups in the community, worldwide!

Hasina uses her Physiotherapy expertise to guide clients to achieve their goals. Her Physiotherapy style is coaching to empower her clients to feel confident about exercising.


Priyanka is an actor/creative who has recently been trying her hand at social media advertising. She’s been working with HasinaPhysio for almost 6 months, and her powerful marketing has helped boost the business and improve attraction during a very difficult year. All this, whilst maintaining acting training and auditions.

She is excited to bring even more ideas in 2021 to keep building this small, independent business.


Akaash, website design (and everything techy!).

My biggest role in HasinaPhysio is building a website from scratch with her, which has kept me busy during the COVID pandemic. I strive to streamline HasinaPhysio services to make them easier to use and manage, including switching to online forms to combine medical screening and event sign-up and client feedback form to audit services.