More About Hasina

Physiotherapists thrive in analysing a dysfunction of the body and are referred to when the body is unable to heal itself well enough (or when they have to).

I believe that if people were to be able to access Physiotherapy advice earlier, they could prevent a lot of injuries, limit the impact an injury or health condition can have on both physical and mental health.

Often, patients are referred for a small window of their problem, eg. After you’ve had back pain associated with pregnancy. So many patients say they wish they had known about things earlier. For example, the importance of pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy to prevent incontinence issues later on, or to get specific exercises to strengthen their back and arms for the physical demands of motherhood to prevent their pre-existing wrist pain from worsening with lifting and breastfeeding.

Most people are aware of the government exercise recommendations out there- how much, how often one should do, but often people find this so unspecific and unsure about how to go about his. Clients report it is hard to know how and what they could do, especially in relation to one’s personal lifestyle, motivations or pre-existing medical conditions or injuries.”
Hasina uses her Physiotherapy expertise to guide patients on their specific body (and mind) to give them a helping hand to achieve their goals. Hasina’s Physiotherapy style is coaching, to empower her clients to feel confident about exercising.

She has set up Physiotherapy rehab classes so that people can gain more confidence and understanding about how they can exercise, despite none or many injuries or conditions. The classes are a mix of high quality evidence (which Hasina is passionate about keeping up to date with regularly), her top pick, a mix of pilates (in which she is trained), HIIT, plyometrics. Every class is different, to keep everyone on their toes, and she also adapts it to the clients that attend. Often I will have 5 runners in my class and will focus that class to them.

The difference about HasinaPhysio classes is that she gives specific advice (and facilitation when classes are face to face) specific to your body, mind and goals through the class. (You’re almost having personal Physio sessions many times a week!)

Hasina prides herself on being the springboard to help someone jump into their goals. She does this by exploring any worries, fears by myth busting, and supporting them. In order for a client to flourish and make best recovery, it is integral that all those that are crucial to their recovery are included. Hasina often works with a client’s personal trainers, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, yoga/dance instructors, club managers, so that they can continue with them, doing the sport or activity they wish. Often with long term conditions, this can mean having sessions with their friends and family.

Outside of HasinaPhysio sessions, she has collaborated with communities and charities to deliver talks on Health and wellbeing. Hasina currently works in chronic pain, with patients who have a long and complex journey over their long term pain and conditions. Hasina has motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy skills and works closely with Psychologists. Her higher level of skills in understanding a client’s whole experience of an injury really allows her to connect with her clients in a non-judgemental way.

HasinaPhysio During COVID-19

Hasina works fulltime in the NHS and very quickly stopped the HasinaPhysio face-to-face classes to reduce viral load.

To keep her regular HasinaPhysio clients (and their loved ones) healthy and out of hospital, she started providing free exercise videos and self care tips for the new way of living. This grew to what we later knew to be the popular 52 DAY HasinaPhysio Covid-19 Health Challenge; groups of people encouraging each other, competing with the challenges and shared their own self care and exercise achievements and tips.

To access these videos and self care tips for free, contact us.

She immediately volunteered to be redeployed to work frontline NHS where she worked tirelessly in the chaos with a dedicated team who together saved people’s lives and improved the quality of life of patients whilst they were unable to have visitors.

Despite dealing with many awful, distressing and tragic situations, this only made Hasina more passionate about sharing her knowledge to help the people around her optimise their physical and mental health over this pandemic. She restarted her old classes, but transferring them to Zoom. See the most recent timetable here.

As it became evident that people from BME populations were more at risk of suffering from COVID-19 (due to occupation, pre-existing health conditions and health education) Hasina sought out opportunities to share her expertise to help this community. She was able to collaborate with an Indian (Gujarati) charity, Leva Patidar Samaj of London, to deliver Exercise and Wellbeing zoom sessions to share how we can optimise health over the next stages of living with Covid-19. This event was open to all ethnicities and reached over 100 people of all physical abilities. To see photos of the fun, click here.

Lockdown 2.0 brought a very successful collaboration of six health professionals in the countdown to Christmas. They supported eachother sharing skills and motivation, which carried the client group through a difficult period with varied exercise sessions and self-care tips. See more here.