Life-changing physiotherapist!

Hasina has been my physiotherapist pre, during and post pregnancy. She has a holistic approach, paying attention to all aspects that could be affecting my pain and problems in all situations. Hasina’s extensive knowledge, expertise, experience and attention to detail has hugely improved my physical health and my quality of life as a result.


Initially I was having great trouble with my back due to my career as a Dentist, to the point I physically could not work and had to take days off work. After seeing Hasina, she carefully unpicked my presentation and provided me with bespoke 1:1 physio sessions and excercises which not only alleviated my pain but also strengthened me to prevent future problems. Alongside this she took time to explain to me how I can help myself for the future. Due to such a huge success with her, I returned to her during pregnancy for my pelvic girdle pain and now post pregnancy to return to my previous physical health and maintenance and she has never failed me!